Retaining Wall

Retaining WallsControl erosion, hold back soil & create usable outdoor space.

If you are looking for high quality retaining walls then contact the team at Fencemen. Our team of professional contractors carries out a range of residential and commercial projects throughout the Auckland and Waikato region.

Quality Retaining Walls

Adding retaining walls to your property can be a great way to enhance your outdoor area and increase the value of your property. Installing retaining walls can also help you make use of steep land, as flat land is becoming increasingly difficult to find. Here at Fencemen, we can build timber retaining walls in a variety of styles to suit your requirements. Our team of experts has the skills and knowledge to take even the most complex spaces and make them look striking.

Skilled Contractors

Building a retaining wall can be a complex job, and that is why it is essential that you call a professional. Inadequately built walls not only look bad, but they can also give way to subsidence which can be hazardous. Our builders have years of experience under their belt and have constructed dozens of retaining walls in the past.

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Adam built a fairly tricky fence for us in August 2014. It involved paling, post and rail, electric and additions to existing fences. There were six gates in total. All in all a pretty complicated project. Adam’s ideas were excellent, and helped us find a solution that were are very happy with. Adam’s motivation and energy were great, he did a great job. The quality of the job is extremely high. We would highly recommend Fencemen.

Tim Sinclair

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