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For quality wire and batten fencing, we have you covered. Our fences are built from exceptional materials and will be sure to keep your livestock from escaping or being attacked by predators.

Commitment to Excellence

The team at Fencemen have many years’ combined experience as designers and builders of high-quality fencing. We use industry best practice techniques to produce exceptional results. Additionally, we use only the finest materials, so you can be sure that our fences will stand the test of time. Our fencing contractors are committed to excellence, and will provide you with the first-rate service no matter how big or small the job. It is this commitment and expertise that has seen us establish a reputation as the best.

Functional and Aesthetic Fences

Our customised fencing solutions increase the security of your outdoor areas and enhance your property’s value. In addition to being highly functional, our fences are also aesthetic and exhibit a high-quality finish. Not only will they protect your livestock, but they will also add structure to the space.

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Adam built a fairly tricky fence for us in August 2014. It involved paling, post and rail, electric and additions to existing fences. There were six gates in total. All in all a pretty complicated project. Adam’s ideas were excellent, and helped us find a solution that were are very happy with. Adam’s motivation and energy were great, he did a great job. The quality of the job is extremely high. We would highly recommend Fencemen.

Tim Sinclair

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